Greenambit is no different. We just mean the basics of commitment & promises. We value your trust in us. Thus, we are outreaching each day, each possibility, to glad you with your decision to be with us rest of your life. Here’s what distinguishes us.

Fishing Day

The day off is time yours. Get a soulful diet as fresh as possible. Get the best of Goa just by its best way. Hire & Fish !!

Discover through Telescope

Magnify the sky a thousand times and enjoy the distant future into radiant, tangible present. Engage with the new world above you. Discover beyond !!

Fitness Ride

One must keep moving. Explore the city, nature and beaches the healthiest way. Hire bicycles and experience everything just as it is in a different style. Hire bicycles & peddle !!

Get a Binocular Eye

Discover the new, look beyond, enjoy the unreachable. Binoculars go beyond your search. Enjoy the far off scenic with much closeness. Hire & Explore !!

Engage with new friends called Birds

Look at deep into nature & engage your senses with it. Watch the beautiful species of God flying around and above you from an open to sky terrace.

Ozone Swimming Pool

Swim in absolute Nature. Feel rejuvenated in oxygen pool that leaves you with calmness & tranquility. Be a mermaid, dive for peace.

Home with a View

Nature is not a place to visit, it’s a place to live in. It is your home. Get a beautiful view from your balcony. Feel nature above & beneath you.

Improved Accessibility

German Technology Elevators ensuring the safest and innovative range of travel mode across world. Ride with the delivery of 20 years old company.

Keeping it Simple by Concierge Services

Mess up your room, feel susegad, wake up late, get instant reservations or home cooked food on holiday. Get spoiled yet fulfilled. We are here to arrange you the best.

Clean Home-Happy Home

Enjoy weekly complimentary Housekeeping and cleaning services so that you love your home again & again.

Car Park

Ample provision of car park in the project. For that your love to ride or drive is retained with utter safety just at the door step.

Quality Construction Inside-Out

Quality is that lasts generations. What you see outside is beautiful, what you see inside is strength and quality. We promise the consolidation.

Electric Car Charging Stations

We take the responsibility for the energy you bring into the space. We understand the easiest way to save money is to waste less energy.

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